“There's nothing else quite like Academy of Friends and the Gala.  The funding they raise for HIV/AIDS services in the Bay Area is vital.  We can't do it without their partnership.”

Brenda Laribee
Former Development Director, Continuum and New Leaf
Fundraising Consultant

“When I walked into [the Gala], I was speechless. To see what Academy of Friends has done, and the companies it's partnered up with, and enabling M*A*C to do something so artistic as well . STUNNING!”

Nikki Peterson, Trainer, M*A*C Cosmetics

“Too many of my friends have been affected by HIV and AIDS. AOF funds local organizations that are on the front lines, fighting this epidemic every day. While I enjoy attending their top-notch events, I also know I'm helping to make a difference. It's the right thing to do, and a great way to do it!”

Matt Rigdon, Underwriter


“All the fun, glamour and pizzazz are just a bonus to all the truly amazing and committed people we work with year after year. AOF changes lives and has made a profound change in ours. The time we spend supporting AOF is insignificant compared to the benefits AOF brings us, our community and those affected by HIV/AIDS.”

Juan Sanchez and Fanny Yeung, AOF Volunteers

“[Academy of Friends is] a wonderful organization to work with! They are involved with non-profits in supporting the community, but at the same time do it very professionally. So, it's just an easy relationship.”

Lisa Holladay
Marketing Manager
Mercedes-Benz USA